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Recent Episodes

The recent episodes of Book 4 of the Legend of Korra are available here on the site. Follow the links to watch:

Chapter 10: Operation Beifong

Chapter 11: Kuvira's Gambit

Chapter 12 & 13: Series Finale

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Affiliates and Links

Distant Horizon

We owe Distant Horizon our lives with their great sprites we use all over our forum! Great place to stop by and enjoy their great forum.

Avatar GT: Avatar GT

A very cool Avatar multimedia site, with what I think to be the coolest banner for an Avatar site.

Avatar Destiny Portal

A new and upcoming Avatar site. Very extensive site with more to come to add to its awesome background and banner!

http://airbender.net/ Airbender.net

Fanart, Graphics, Screencaps, Fanvids, and more!

The Last Airbender Fans

LastAirbenderFans.com is a fan community for and by fans of the Nickelodeon show "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and the Paramount Pictures film "The Last Airbender." Provides up to the minute news updates about the upcoming film trilogy by Paramount Pictures and M. Night Shyamalan, as well as info and multimedia from the show.

The Last Airbender Movie Forum

A new site deticated to the upcoming movie, "The Last Airbender"!

Four Nation - http://forumbending.koh3.com/

An up and coming Avatar Forum, still under works. Do check them out, they're growing fast!

Fire Nation University

We are an Avatar: The Last Airbender forum. Our goal is to teach users how to take the Avatar experience to a whole other level. Here you can discuss things from the series that you had questions about. You can learn how to make fan fics, sigs, AMV's, and learn all there is to know about Avatar.

The Legends of the Avatars

French RPG forum exploring the Avatar world centuries before the series' era. Most of the world have yet to be explored and nations are on their early stages. The Avatar cycle doesn't even exist yet. This time was forgotten very long ago. Learn how it all began. Learn how an antic civilization, the Netras, tamed the principles of the Universe, and how they vanished.

Dongbu Feng

Home to "From the Spirit World," one of the best Avatar podcasts out there and a must listen! This is in addition to an already great and frequently updated site. Fun fact: Dongbu Feng hosted the first Avatar Fandom Olympics in February-March 2008, which the Portal participated in. http://avatarolympics.net/index/

Bleach Asylum

Big fan of Bleach? Looking for people as crazy as you are to talk about it?! Then Bleach Asylum is the only forum you should ever visit! Home to a great fan base, and we have multiple members from the Portal who enjoy posting there regularly.

La leggenda di Aang

We're the first, one and only Avatar related Italian community... of course, both our board and RPG use Italian as main language, though we can speak English, German and French as well, and we'd love to exchange thoughts and ideas with the international community. So don't be shy... anyone who wants to have fun, meet crazy people and talk about ATLA at the same time is welcome!

Avatar Training

A site and forum that teaches you to learn in the ways of the avatar including the martial arts styles of Earth, Air, Fire, And Water. Each month the avatar cycle continues and a new site runner is chosen.

The Avatar Elements

An Avatar forum for fun, discussions, RPGs, and more

Avatar 2009

An avatar site where you can take place in all sorts of things, such as discussion, contests, RPs, games, and more! Avatar: The Last Airbender Online  Another community dedicated to bringing the joy of Avatar Episodes to the world.

Legend of Korra Blog Legend of Korra Blog

News, speculation and opinion on the hit series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra.


Avatar Information and Support

MAJOR contributors to the current Avatar Portal; we are forever in their debt for all the content they have provided this site. Very extensive information site with very up-to-date and breaking news. *Note: Now defunct ='(

Wish to be an affiliate of ours? No problem! We will happily Affiliate with any site (non-pornographic sadly-, I mean, of course). Avatar sites, Anime sites, whatever. To become an affiliate, you have two things to do: 1. Send me an E-Mail asking to be an Affiliate. Send an E-Mail to Uncle Iroh (apadmin -at- theavatarportal.org). Send me your site name, description, link, and image to be posted here. 2. Add our Name, Icon, and Link to your site's Affiliates page. Items provided below:

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