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The recent episodes of Book 4 of the Legend of Korra are available here on the site. Follow the links to watch:

Chapter 10: Operation Beifong

Chapter 11: Kuvira's Gambit

Chapter 12 & 13: Series Finale

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Select the Avatar: The Last Airbender or the Legend of Korra episode you would like to watch or buy online from below:

Book 1: Water

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Katara and her broher Sokka wake a boy from a 100-year slumber who may be the key to ending a war.

Book 1: Air

[ Watch Episodes | Buy Online ]

The new Avatar travels to Republic City to learn airbending and face an anti-bending revolution.

Book 2: Earth

[ Watch Episodes | Buy Online ]

Team Avatar travel the Earth Kingdom to find Aang an Earthbending teacher.

Book 2: Spirits

[ Watch Episodes | Buy Online ]

Korra learns the origins of the Avatar when a dark spirit threatens the world.

Book 3: Fire

[ Watch Episodes | Buy Online ]

Aang faces his greatest enemy as Fire Lord Ozai sets out for world domination.

Book 3: Change

[ Watch Episodes | Buy Online ]

Dangerous criminals hunt for the Avatar while she attempts to rebuild the Air Nation.

Book 4: Balance

[ Watch Episodes | Buy Online ]

Korra faces her inner demons as well as a metalbending dictator.

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