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Chapter 10: Operation Beifong

Chapter 11: Kuvira's Gambit

Chapter 12 & 13: Series Finale

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The Last Airbender FAQ

Welcome to the Avatar Portal The Last Airbender movies Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! Here we hope to address any major concerns you the fans might have with the upcoming movies.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Last Airbender

Who is directing the movie?

M.Night Shylaman is directing, producing and writing all three movies.

How many movies will there be?

Three movies; one for each season. So the first movie that is coming out, "The Last Airbender", is the season one movie.

When is the first movie,

"The Last Airbender" coming out in theaters? July 2nd, 2010 in North America. July 22/24 in Latin America. Everywhere else varies.

Will the movie be live action or a cartoon?

Completely live action with the bending being done with CGI and such.

Why is Aang white and Zuko brown?

Keep in mind, this movie is an adaptation of the series. The series is merely a basis for the movie. So things will get changed. To answer the question, in relevance to our world, Aang is white because the Air Nomads in the movie are a mixture of "races" in our world. Zuko is brown because the Fire Nation is made up Indian and Mediterranean people. The Earth Kingdom has been reported to be mainly Chinese and African depending on what part of the Earth Kingdom you're in. The Southern Water Tribe is mainly Inuit while the Northern Water Tribe is mainly Caucasian.

What will the movie be rated?

Most likely, PG. That's what M.Night says he's shooting for.

How will they fit all of season one into the first movie?

Some episodes and characters had to be cut or moved to another movie to make room. For instance, the episode, "The Great Divide", will more than likely be completely absent from the movie while Bumi will just be introduced in the second movie.

No Bumi?!? Who else won't be in the movie? Jeong Jeong and Jun the bounty hunter are among the characters that have been confirmed to not be in "The Last Airbender", but rather just moved to one of the other movies.

What else has M.Night changed in the movie?

Firebenders that are not masters of their bending now require a source of fire to manipulate it. Like how a Waterbender needs a pouch of water with them when they're not near water. Firebending Masters, however, can manifest fire by using their chi similar to how all Firebenders bended in the show.

I heard something about manga being released about the movie?

Yes, two manga books are to be released closer to the movie. Both of them are authored by Dave Roman and published by Del Rey. The first manga is called "Zuko's Story" and acts as a prequel to the movie. It deals with some of the things Zuko does in the gap between when he was banished and when the movie begins. "Zuko's Story" it was released on May 18th, 2010. The second manga is simply called "The Last Airbender" and acts as sort of a tie-in and adaptation to the movie itself. Not much of it's actual content aside from the fact that it takes place within the movie is known. "The Last Airbender"(manga) is due out June 22nd, 2010.

Will Appa and Momo be in the movie?

Both have been confirmed by various cast and crew to be in the movie. In fact, if you look closely at the trailers on our trailer page, you can see Appa in a couple trailers for a brief second or two!

Will there be anything added in the first movie?

In adaptations, things from the source are lost and completely new things are gained here and there, so most likely. In terms of the big picture (meaning, in regards to the whole trilogy), M.Night has said he plans to explain what exactly happened to Zuko's mother, Ursa.

When will the second movie and third movie be released?

It has not be stated yet. However, if it's any consolation, it has been reported that the "lifespan" of the whole trilogy is expected to be six whole years.

Any other changes?

Besides the absence of whatever episodes that don't make it into the movie, the culture changes here and there of the nations, and the fact that it's less comedic than the show, the only other big change that comes to mind are the four names that got pronunciation changes. Aang is now pronounced "Ong" like gong, Sokka is now pronounced "Sow-kuh", Iroh is now pronounced "Er-row", and Avatar is now pronounced "Of-atar". Those may seem like drastic changes, but once you hear them said aloud by the cast members or M.Night in various interviews they have done, you don't really notice the names that much. Not to mention, these are the way the names are pronounced in Eastern Culture. Take that for what you will. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here on our forum!


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